get the contents of whole site like some wiki or wikia


For wikis and wikia, generally if you are trying to get some url mirror, then is an excellent option. This script is in the python sources so, to get this tool, yumdownloader --source …

debug call function() to debug a function in vim


Image via Wikipedia […] Have you ever wished that you could either see what is going on initially at the vim startup like you could do with C program in the gdm mode, but really did not want …

prints line numbers


$ nl others: perl -ne &#8217;print &#8221;$. – $_&#8221;&#8217; $1 grep -n . $1 perl -pe &#8217;print &#8221;$. &#8221;&#8217; $1 cat -n $1 […] <a …

Solved – Errors with afraid-dyndns in Goddard (Fedora 13)


Since I updated to the <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/fedora" title="Fedora" rel="homepage" href="">Fedora 13, I was getting …



<img src="" alt="Perl One Liners" align="bottom" />This is the third part of a …

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