Script to add all the partitions to the fstab.


I wrote a simple script today to get all the partitions on all the disks and then create <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/fstab" title="Fstab" rel="wikipedia" …

Fedora 11 Leonidas — Fix HDD (Hard Disk) and CD/DVD automount issues for users other than root.


I have been thinking of putting this for quite some time now. By default no user (other than root) on Fedora 11 has the permission to mount CD/DVD and or ntfs/vfat partitions. So HAL automount does …

Working with FTP Directories.


If you have to manage some ftp site, I can understand you pain in managing the site with FTP. Specially if you are managing a site where you need to edit the files. Without shelling out some decent …

Disk identification by UUID in Fedora.


Yesterday I managed to delete my complete /usr directory and thus had to re-install my OS but I learned something new yesterday which I didn&#8217;t know earlier or actually never bothered to find …

Fedora 11 - Mount options for vfat and other volumes for automount.


I have been searching to look for how to change the default umask and dmask for the auto-mounted directories. I searched all the google and bing pages that I could, but to no avail. But I found some …

Mount and unmount/umount images(iso/img) from nautilus (Fixed not mounting in Fedora)


Get the Nautilus Script <a href="" target="_blank">here. So what is required is that you have the necessary …

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