ssh trick – ssh to remote host with bastion host


Lot of times, you have to ssh to a server with bastion host. If you dont know what is bastion host then see this: […] Now, in such cases, either you add an entry in “~/.ssh/config” to route the …

ssh – host hopping (with Jump host)


Most of the times I need to jump hosts with ssh. What do I mean by that. Let me try to explain : Host Hopping If I need to got to host h3 then I need to first login to h1 and from there to host h2 and …

ss – utility to investigate sockets.


Sometimes, you find some interesting application/command by accident, and that is just what happened a few days back. Well, I was doing a ssh and as usual made my share of mistake in typing and missed …

[Solved] ssh works but scp does not


Image via Wikipedia […] For quite sometime now, I was having this issue, that for the home system, I was able to connect to is using ssh but it never worked. Fnally after quite some debugging …

Try all colors in xterm with script before setting the color


If you are looking for testing the colors on how they would look like in the xterm before you set the color then here is a small script for you. […] <td> <div class="text …

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