Fix weird flux menu


Some distro’s just add all the items under single menu and thus the menu itself becomes unusable because of the number of items in the submenu and this I did not like and hence ceated this simply …

scapy packet dump to packet


First you need to have scapy installed. And if you don’t know about scapy, then […] Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation program. It is able to forge or decode packets of a wide …

Get disk usage for all the containers with python script


With my increasing love for python, here is my attempt to get the disk usage of all the containers on some host. Well, since the requirements vary for everyone, so this script is far from complete.

supernova – manage multiple openstack environment


supernova is an easy to use tool that helps manage multiple openstack environments. Details – […] To get started, start with installing supernova with dnf install supernova and after that you …

Python script to manage virtual machines with python API for libvirt.


Most of times I use virt-manager to manage VMs but sometimes, I have to manage VMs on other hosts over ssh when connected over VPN or while I am working remotely. GUI like virt-manager thus becomes …

get the contents of whole site like some wiki or wikia


For wikis and wikia, generally if you are trying to get some url mirror, then is an excellent option. This script is in the python sources so, to get this tool, yumdownloader --source …

Check all vim colorschemes for minor issues


Here is script that checks all the colorschemes in the current directory and corrects them if possible (Processing of the file is done with simple commands like sed, grep) Checks that the color_name …


ssmtp configuration and installation – raspberry pi.


To get your email working on your raspberry pi, First thing that you should probably do is to set up outgoing emails from your RPi. The easiest way to do so is with ssmtp. Install ssmtp: sudo apt-get …

lightweight pdf viewer – zathura.


Zathura is a lightweight viewer for pdf which works on plugins. Here is shor description : […] Zathura is a highly configurable and functional PDF viewer based on the Poppler rendering library …

vim mappings for multiple files.


If you open multiple files in vim with command line option. Then the only way to move between the files is “:n” and “:N”. There is a easier way to do this. Just add mappings for this in vimrc. Here is …

gqlplus – sqlplus with readline (tab completion)


Tab completion is something which is missing in the sqlplus and if you have lot of tables with long names or lot of columns then it is sufficiently difficult to type them 🙂 Here is a solution for this …

rpmconf – Tool to handle rpmsave and rpmnew files


Install the utility: sudo yum install rpmconf Description: […] And finally run the utility: sudo rpmconf -a and if there is a conflict or rpmsave or rpmnew file, then you will see something …

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