Linux find command – Find file and directories faster and easier


This command is very powerfull when used with combination of filters and pipes and RE.

I will give some example:

find . -type f -->> List all files
find . -type f -exec rm {} \\\; -->> Delete all files
find . -type d -exec rm {} \\; -->> Will through some common errors 🙂
find . -name \"*name*\"  --> find files containing name in the filename
find . -atime 12 --> Find files accessed 12 days ago

Similarly there is ctime for file status change

find . -type d -depth 2 --> find all the directories in the depth 2 of the tree.
find . -tyde d -ok rm -rf {} \\; --> Delete all the directories but only after user confirmation

There could be numerous such examples so I will leave it to you do digg the man page for find and then experiment :))

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