Firefox addons for hacking

2022-04-23 1 min read Learning Hacking Firefox
#Firefox addons Here are some good and useful addons for hacking. I have mentioned some old addons which are quire good but not to be found on firefox addon site :( Foxy Proxy Cookie Editor WappAlyzer Cliget User Agent Switcher NoScript Firefox Relay Tracking Token Stripper Hack Resources Permission to Hack Hackbar v2 AntiBrowserSpy TrackingBlocker GreaseMonkey FireBug Does not exist anymore Live HTTP headers Tamper Data WebSecurity Does not exist Penetration Tester Kit Built With Hack Tools Link Goher Copy Framer or Page URL Multi Account Containers retire. Continue reading

Sandbox Firefox – First step to security

2014-03-19 2 min read Fedora Firefox
First we will setup cgroup to limit cpu and memory usage, so here we go: Add the configuration in /etc/cgconfig.conf #------start cgconfig---------------- #new group group firefox { perm { task { #user your login id and group here, so that you can control this group uid = amitag; gid = amitag; } admin { # same as above, set to your login id and group. uid = amitag; gid = amitag; } } # set the limits for cpu. Continue reading

cgroups – use to control your cpu and memory

2014-01-06 2 min read Fedora Firefox Learning
cgroups is a kernel feature and with userspace utilities, we can use the feature to control the cpu and memory for per process. So, lets first install the required tools. sudo yum install libcgroup-tools Now, we need to enable the service. sudo systemctl enable cgconfig.service sudo systemctl enable cgred.service cgconfig.service is to enable configuration for cgroups and cgred.service is to enable configuration for cgroups for processes depending on the name. Continue reading

quick notepad in firefox.

2013-05-20 1 min read Firefox
If you quickly need to note something and you do not want to leave your browser then just add a bookmark to : data:text/html, <html contenteditable> and whenever you need to get the notepad, just open this bookmark. Sorry, I do not remember, where I got this from, but this is something that I did not discover but since I do not remember where I got this from, I am not able to credit the authour. Continue reading

Firefox troubleshooting

2013-03-11 1 min read Firefox
Here are few quick tips on getting to see what could be wrong with firefox. Config entries – about:config Support Information – about:support Details on config entries – Reset firefox profile – Firefox profiles – Related articles Set your own new tab page in Firefox Improved plain-text handling in Firefox Mozilla language packs now auto updated

Taking screenshot in firefox.

2013-02-03 1 min read Firefox
Couple of days back, I was trying to take screenshot with Firefox. As usual I started out with searching for plugins which could take a screen shot for the whole page and not just the visible portion of the page. Installed couple of them, some did not work. Finally I found something called Development Bar. So, here is a simple way to take a screenshot. Press “Shift+F12”. This will bring up a bar in the bottom of the firefox window. Continue reading

pdfjs – html5+javascript based pdf viewer for Firefox.

2012-09-05 1 min read Firefox
Firefox 15 has arrived and there is lot to brag about. Since there are already many blogs on this, so just giving you a link to one of those. But what is most interesting is the integration of PDF.js. It is a new html5 + javascript based pdf viewer. GHacks Link And to enable this viewer all you need to do is go to “about:config“. Search for pdfjs and set pdfjs. Continue reading
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