Gnome with i3 on Fedora 29


I have been thinking of doing this for long time, finally I managed to get this working. Here is what you need to do to get i3 with all other gnome services running. First we will create 2 files, this …

image viewer tools


These are some of the image viewers that I know, pick your choice 🙂

systemctl enable and start service


Most of the times when I want to enable the service, I find myself enabling it immediately or it is vice versa. So, the commands I used to use were: systemctl enable sshd.service systemctl start …

sigil – ebook editor


sigil is WYSIWYG ebook editor, here are more details.  […] Name : sigil Version : 0.9.9 Release : 2.fc28 Arch : x86_64 Size : 3.6 M Source : sigil-0.9.9-2.fc28.src.rpm Repo : fedora Summary : …

ranger – try terminal file manager


ranger is a terminal file manager, just install and run and have some fun. Tip: You might want to try it on uxrvt terminal and in Photos folder once.  

glances – new way to look at contention


glances is like top/htop but little different. It shows you sort based on contention (smartly and automatically) unless you change that and hence if you just want to check what is biggest bottleneck …

asciinema – video for your terminal session


Info about asciinema: […] To install, you can do: dnf install asciinema  and here is and example: Asciinema test video Hope you find it useful if you have to show someone how to do something. …

Fedora – change from one edition to some other


You will need to install convert-to-edition, description […] Name : convert-to-edition Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : 25 Release : 1 Size : 9.7 k Repo : fedora Summary : Script for …

flatpak – get latest libreoffice


flatpak is tool similar to 0install. You can find more details here.

Trello – backup to your linux machine


Just in case, you are looking for backing up your trello account boards, you can use the following bash script to do so:  #!/bin/bash - …

Some nice fonts in Fedora for coding


Here is link to fedoramagazine article on this: […] 6 great monospaced fonts for code and terminal in Fedora […] And what the article does not mention is how to install these from …

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