Windows Vs Linux – One more time

2017-04-07 5 min read Linux Uncategorized
Image via Wikipedia One of the most written and commented articles has to be Linux vs Windows (of course there are competitors like vim vs emacs) but none has been covered so much as Linux vs Windows. So, what am I going to write here which is not covered earlier in so many other posts. Well a little different perspective 🙂 We will take this post in points so that we do not divert and its easier for you to comment with quotes to point number 🙂 Continue reading

Easily monitor and archive your system log reports.

2015-06-29 3 min read Fedora Linux
If you want to monitor your server logs and also like them to be emailed then just Logwatch may not be sufficient. It sends you a mail but does not archive them, so head over to epylog Name : epylog Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : 1.0.7 Release : 9.fc22 Size : 151 k Repo : fedora Summary : New logs analyzer and parser URL : License : GPLv2+ Description : Epylog is a new log notifier and parser which runs periodically out of cron, looks at your logs, processes the entries in order to present them in a more comprehensive format, and then provides you with the output. Continue reading

x2go – possible replacement to VNC

2014-05-22 1 min read Fedora
If you are accessing you Linux machine from VNC then you can try x2go. Pretty straight forward installation, with packages available for both Ubuntu and Fedora and most other common distros as well. Just install, change one line ( visit the link above) and you are done. Neat, I must say. Do try it when you feel the need to do something new.

Raspberry Pi automate certain tasks – script example

2014-03-10 2 min read Raspberry Pi
Now, if you have followed these : fetchmail ssmtp Then you already have a working system for sending and receiving mail. Now, you can set the mda in the fetmailrc to a script which can do few things for you. The script below will get a page and mail it to you, if you have the subject as “get” and send “wake on LAN” to desired PC if you have subject as “wol”. Continue reading

nautilis fork ( File manager ) with tree view in sidebar.

2014-02-09 1 min read Fedora Gnome
Was searching for this for sometime now, finally found it. sudo yum install nemo sudo yum list nemo* First just install nemo. Configure nemo not to interfere with default desktop and also make it default handler. So, here are the settings that would do it. gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/applications/component_viewer/exec --type 'string' 'nemo "%s"' gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/trash/command --type 'string' 'nemo "%s"' gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons false Now, if you need more functionality in file manager then check the list of nemo packages from the output of second command of yum. Continue reading

conky transparent window on Fedora with Gnome.

2013-07-22 1 min read Fedora Gnome
On Fedora with Gnome-shell 3, its been long time that I was not able to get transparent window. So, finally I thought to spend some time to try to fix that. Finally got that fixed with all the configurations below in the conkyrc. Here the default color is set to LightSkyBlue but feel free to change that. I hope this helps fedora community who is struggling to get transparent window. And here is the code : Continue reading
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