Xephyr – Nested X Server


Nested X-Server is running a X server root window within your running X-windows session like Gnome or KDE. This could be useful if you want to keep all you ssh windows in one window or maybe run all …

Check out all the colors on you X window system.


If you ever wondered what combination of some colors would look like but did not really feel like setting them in your xterm just to check them out. Or if you wanted to know about all the colors on …

Try all colors in xterm with script before setting the color


If you are looking for testing the colors on how they would look like in the xterm before you set the color then here is a small script for you. […] <td> <div class="text …

xterm – select font name and size from command line and set it as default


I have been very busy last week and specially yesterday with 20 hours of continueous work, but managed to get this working :). When you right click on Xterm with Ctrl pressed, there pops up a menu for …

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