scan your network with bash IP scan script


Here is the youtbe video that will walk you through bash script.

Upload a video to youtube


$ google youtube post –title "My Video" –category Education ~/myvideo.avi <a class="zem_slink freebase/guid/9202a8c04000641f800000000042acea" …

Upload a video to youtube


[…] <td> <div class="bash codecolorer"> google youtube post <span class="re5">--title</span> <span class="st0">"My …

Script to download all the related videos from youtube with youtube-dl


Lets cut the long discussion <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/short_subject" title="Short film" rel="wikipedia" …

Downloading all related videos from youtube with youtube-dl


How many time did you want to see all the videos (related) to the one you were watching on youtube but decided otherwise as the downloaded was not fast enough. Or has it happened to you that you …

Download youtube video directly from the command line with youtube-dl


If you keep searching for applications to <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/uploading_and_downloading" title="Uploading and downloading" rel="wikipedia" …

powertwitter for firefox- twitter with new look


<a title="Power Twitter" href="" target="_blank">Power Twitter is a addon for firefox that gives twitter a new …

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