Break Free and let firefox remember all the passwords even the ones that are not saved by default

Here we go against one more security policy of most of the sites like Bank and paypal and so on. These sites do not allow Firefox or any other browser to save the password. This is using some tags in the html/code of the page that would mark the field as not completeable or savable. So, what do you do?

I am on a home computer to which no one has access so why not save the password!! Let do it. There are couple of hacks that have been found to make firefox remember all the passwords. Here are a few of them (but Linux is not covered in any of them).

Tweak Firefox’s Password Saver Without An Extension

Make Firefox Remember Passwords without a Bookmarklet

But if you are planning to do any of this, then make sure that you secure the saved passwords too. Here\’s how to do it:

Geek to Live: Secure your saved passwords in Firefox

Now for the Linux part, you have to follow the same trick as mentioned in the links above. So, you need to first locate the file \”nsLoginManager.js\”

The file in Linux is not part of the firefox package so its not easy to find it by looking at the contents of the firefox package, as you will not find it there. You need to run the below command to look at the contents of the xulrunner rpm by using the following command:

rpm -ql xulrunner|grep nsLogin

Once that is done you can simply follow the suggested approach in the links above that is search for the function \”

_isAutocompleteDisabled" and then change the return true in the if condition to return false and you are done.

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