Linux:Please Don\’t Show the Command Line to the Uninitiated (via postie)

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Not long ago I had the opportunity to show off GNU/Linux to a friend. She\’s been a lifelong Windows users and is just your average, non-technical computer user. She\’d heard of this thing called "Linux," but had never seen a Linux distro in use. So, I gladly booted up my laptop and also the desktop (we were at my house, my wife and I having one of our many cookouts) and showed her Linux Mint 7 via a live CD and also Ubuntu 8.10, which is installed on my family\’s desktop.

Everything was going fine as I showed her the office software and some games. It was when I went to show her selective screenshot that I erred. I opened the command line on the desktop and quickly set it up to take the shot. I could see my friend visibly shrink back as she shook her head and started to say she couldn\’t work with something like that. I honestly don\’t know what I was thinking. I guess I wasn\’t thinking, and that was the problem.

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