[Solved] Abbreviations not working in vim

Today I found that abbreviations are not working in vim in my current login. I searched log of blog’s and sill did not find any solution so I decided to take the matters in my hand.

To start with I disabled all the plugin’s by moving my plugin directory. This did not help me solve the issue, so the only other option left was to now disable the vimrc file completely. Once I removed the vimrc file, the abbreviations started working.

Now, equipped with the information that vim is not able to support because of some customization in vimrc, I started removing or rather adding couple of entries at a time and checking if abbreviations were working or not and finally I found the offending entry:

inoremap        <Space>         <Space><Left><Right>

Hope this will help you in future if you face similar issue. BTW, the issue is because Space is remapped, so you should avoid that for abbreviations to work.

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