bashrc with lots of functions and useful alias


Here is a link of a useful 10K lines bashrc You may not want to put the whole thing, but get an idea and use what you think can be helpful to you or at-least get an idea. …

Ignore CVS and svn directories in bash autocompletion.


CVS and SVN directories are something that really cause lot of un-necessary nuisance. So, simple solution just ignore them 🙂

Filename completion in Linux with mixed case and ignored case.


This is one of my favourites, alwahs keep it handy. Linux is case sensitive by nature but you will always find filenames jumbled up in the case. So what is the solution: […] bind ”set …

Verify all the paths in the PATH directory


Here is the command to test that all the directories in your path actually exist. […] (<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/internal_field_separator" title="Internal field …

colors in bash – script to display all the possible colors.


If you wanted to have colors in the bash output (including the colors in PS1-4), don&#8217;t you keep wondering how the color code would look on the terminal. So, I wrote this small script to show …

Modifying the bashrc or bash startup files.


Find the article <a href="">here. Copy here:<div class="entrybody"> If you&#8217;ve been learning the <a …

Bash histoy – common history in different terminals


I have been looking to do this for sometime. The bash history is per session basis and the last session to quit overwrites the bash_history file and thus all other terminals started between the time …

change the terminal title dynamically in X11


I was actually looking for this for quite sometime. Some years back in my bashrc was the proper setting for setting the terminal title when I did a cd, and I had completely forgotten how to do it. So …

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