retext – Editor for restructured text


restructured text is a simple text editor for markdown/restructured text which can show preview as well. So, here is some details on same : […] Name : retext Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : …

ionice – renice you IO activity for the process.


ionice is utility provided by the package util-linux. Description of util-linux: […]  […] With the help of this utility, you can set the scheduler priority for your IO scheduling upto …

Fedora/Ubuntu issue with assigned IP by dhcp server.


In the recent versions of Fedora/Ubuntu, I found that if the DHCP server assigns a reserved address, the address is not applied to the system. Finally I found that adding the below in …

ssh authorized keys – limit ssh session to custom command


If you want a ssh key to be able to run a custom command only and nothing beyond that, then you can use the “command” option in the authorized_keys file of ssh.  For example, to limit user to run only …

script to get hard disk health in fedora/ubuntu


First, put this in a script. #!/bin/bash #Change as appropriate HDD=sda export sub="SmartCtl data for HDD" echo 'To: <Your Email> Sub: [Cron] $sub MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html …

ncurses based eFTE editor – programmers lightweight editor


nefte is a lightweight programmers editor. Here is descriptioin:  Description : eFTE is an advanced programmers editor with goals of being lightweight, yet : totally configurable. Support for user …

Multiple entry in .ssh/config file


Here is a link to one post on ssh config file. However, if you want entries for lot of servers with their IPs or names, then it could be cumbersome to add all the entries in the .ssh/config file. So, …

Debuggging bash cron scripts.


I have to several times debug scripts that I get complain about working when logging in normally but they do not work when run in cron mode. So, quite a lot of times, redirecting the stderr of the …

ldap search function


First you will need the ldap search utility. The client for ldap search comes in openldap-clients, so you need to install that first: sudo yum install openldap-clients Now, that you have installed it, …

rfc2html – php script to view rfc with index and links.


If you have to keep viewing RFC’s and you miss index and links in RFC while viewing rfc, then you should check-out rfc2html. It is scrtip that takes plain text rfc and converts it to html. You can get …

Some nice linux tutorials


Some very nice articles and tutorials on Linux, find here. Pretty nice collection.

get the contents of whole site like some wiki or wikia


For wikis and wikia, generally if you are trying to get some url mirror, then websucker.py is an excellent option. This script is in the python sources so, to get this tool, yumdownloader --source …

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