get all the urls in html file (local or on server).

2014-02-17 1 min read bash Fedora
To use this, you will need the lynx tool, so install that first. sudo yum install lynx Now, to get list of all the URLs in local html file or some URL, just execute this: lynx -dump -listonly Related articles Trouble in using file_get_contents() How to send image to server with url in ios Endangered species of the Web: the Link

cgroups – use to control your cpu and memory

2014-01-06 2 min read Fedora Firefox Learning
cgroups is a kernel feature and with userspace utilities, we can use the feature to control the cpu and memory for per process. So, lets first install the required tools. sudo yum install libcgroup-tools Now, we need to enable the service. sudo systemctl enable cgconfig.service sudo systemctl enable cgred.service cgconfig.service is to enable configuration for cgroups and cgred.service is to enable configuration for cgroups for processes depending on the name. Continue reading

procmail filters – apply to received mails.

2013-05-24 1 min read Linux
If you already have some mail in your maildir and you have set procmail filters, then it is difficult to apply the procmail filter, right? Not so, you just need to go to the Inbox directory and then execute the command. for i in *; do cat $i|procmail; rm -f "$i"; done This will pass all of your e-mail through procmail again and then your filters will get applied. Mails will go to their appropriate directory and you will be one happy man, I hope. Continue reading

Firefox troubleshooting

2013-03-11 1 min read Firefox
Here are few quick tips on getting to see what could be wrong with firefox. Config entries – about:config Support Information – about:support Details on config entries – Reset firefox profile – Firefox profiles – Related articles Set your own new tab page in Firefox Improved plain-text handling in Firefox Mozilla language packs now auto updated

slow ssh connection

2013-02-26 1 min read Linux
If you are experiencing slow ssh connections, then possibly your system is trying to do reverse lookup of the IP address. If that is the case, then you can add the below to “hosts” line in /etc/nsswitch.conf file. ‘[NOTFOUND=return]’ The other cause for slow connections can be GSSAPI authentication. If that is the case, then the simplest solution is to add the following in your “~/.ssh/config” file: GSSAPIAuthentication no Related articles ssh reverse tunning. Continue reading

ssh reverse tunning..

2013-02-14 1 min read Fedora Learning Linux
If you want to access some local resources like the release website from the remote server when you are connecting to the remoter server using ssh over VPN, then possibly reverse ssh tunnelling is the best option. So, basically when you are connecting to the remote server, you tell the server your intent to do so and which local resource you want to connect to and on which port.So, here I want to connnet to google. Continue reading

Taking screenshot in firefox.

2013-02-03 1 min read Firefox
Couple of days back, I was trying to take screenshot with Firefox. As usual I started out with searching for plugins which could take a screen shot for the whole page and not just the visible portion of the page. Installed couple of them, some did not work. Finally I found something called Development Bar. So, here is a simple way to take a screenshot. Press “Shift+F12”. This will bring up a bar in the bottom of the firefox window. Continue reading
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