Get list of git repositories from command line.


Earlier I had posted a small blog on teamgit. The problem still is that you have to manually go to the page and get the list of the repo’s that you can download. How about a …

Change user, assume environment, stay in current dir


<a href="">Bookmark this category Change user, assume environment, stay in current dir $ su — user I&#8217;ve used this a number of …

Database of vulnurability at – udpate and makeindex with cron.


I am quite regular visitor of milw0rm and generally try to keep up with the vul&#8217;s. For doing this I wrote a small scripts rather set of scripts to keep myself update. Here&#8217;s what …

bash tutorial for begineer and experienced.


I having been looking for something like this for sometime. Found <a href="" target="_blank">this while searching. …

Get you ip address like


For last couple of days, I was thinking of putting this. I was thinking of some way to get the IP address of the client directly rather than going through some site or parsing the content. So <a …

parse and paste text


Lot of times, I copy the text but before pasting want to remove a word or make some other changes or add “wget” to the URL, quite common. So, I came up with this alias replace='echo $(xclip -i)|sed …

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