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Battery performance improvement with powertop and using xidel.


For those of you, who have not heard about powertop, it is a tool to monitor the power consumption on your system. It has a tab which shows the tuneable parameters. Doing the changes suggested in …

xmlwf – Is your xml document well formed?


There is a small nifty utility called xmlwf that can check your xml documents to see if they are well formed. sudo yum install expat Once installed, simply use : xmlwf Need more details, just check …

Using file partially for filenames


There are some commands that take file name and there are some case where you need to give file name. But there are some cases where you want to modify the file before passing it to the command. What …


Tora installation on Fedora 16 with rpm


Last article I talked about tora installation from the sources, but if that is too much for you then you can use this one liner: rpm -ivh "" …

using `!#$’ to referance backward-word


Image by jeffalldridge via Flickr […] Here is something that I found on the commandlinefu cp /work/host/phone/ui/main.cpp !#$:s/host/target Ah well…its very interesting and very useful. Some …

bash math


some quick links :

List all installed rpm packages and it’s size


If you are looking for a command to see the disk usage by each of the rpm‘s then you can use this command: […] <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;rpm -q …

Linux command to repeat a string n times - Super User


I was working on something and needed to output the string n times. I have required this even to print a line with &#8217;-&#8217; or &#8217;=&#8217; but this time I badly wanted it in …

gnomecc color scheme - my favourite.


my favourite <a href="">gtkrc-2 file. Snapshot of how it looks. <a …

Solved – Errors with afraid-dyndns in Goddard (Fedora 13)


Since I updated to the <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/fedora" title="Fedora" rel="homepage" href="">Fedora 13, I was getting …

prepend to a file with sponge from moreutils


<a href="">A few weeks I wrote about a tool, which helps you easily prepend to a file. I submitted prepend …

Perl script to create csv files with a pattern – Generic script.


I was having a really bad day and needed a quick solution to create some csv files. And this I needed to do for multiple data kinds and patterns, so I created this small script to do the job for me… …

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