conky transparent window on Fedora with Gnome.


On Fedora with Gnome-shell 3, its been long time that I was not able to get transparent window. So, finally I thought to spend some time to try to fix that. Finally got that fixed with all the …


conky script used to monitor server status remotely.


I was looking for something to monitor few details on the server. I thought about quite a lot of applications, some open source and some scripts developed in house. But my requirements were quite …

Get yourself some conkyrc files.


If you are looking for some nice conkyrc files, then you can head over to : Ubuntu Forums In this thread you can see some very nice conkyrc files with screenshots. You can browse through the thread …

Gnome 3 screenshot with conky dock


Just to give you a idea of how beautiful it looks, here’s a screenshot 🙂

15 (More) Awesome Conky Configurations


15 (More) Awesome <a class="zem_slink" title="Conky (software)" rel="homepage" href="">Conky Configurations You may have …

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