Photos of “THE TAJ”


Much deserved vacation and visit to “THE TAJ”  

Some nice pics for you..


Without much here are some pics that you might like, without much ado 🙂  […]  […] […]  

Some more photos for you.


Here are some more photos from the night sky.

More cloud photos for your eyes.


Isn’t the sky too beautiful… If you are looking through a camera (likes of Nikon D5000) then it looks more beautiful and just leaves a mark in photographs….. Here are some pics that I took and make …

Sun behind the clouds.


This is one pic that I liked so much that I could not resist myself from posting just this one. Sun is hiding behind the sky.

gollage – create simple collage with ease.


Find the project <a href="" target="_blank">here. Download the tar ball and install it. Description of the application is: […] …

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